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IBM Software I’ve Used Over the Years

Here’s a list of the IBM software I’ve supported/used over the years. I’m sure I’ve left off a few. AIX – IBM’s proprietary UNIX OS (Advanced Interactive eXecutive) DOS/360 (Disk Operating System/360) OS/360 (Operating System/360 for IBM System/360) MFT (Multiprogramming

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Free Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Resources

Blake Handler posted a long list of free resources from Microsoft on its recently released Windows Server 2008.   GROUP POLICY & SECURITY RESOURCES:  Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows Server 2008 Multiple Group Policy Preference Side Extensions: Windows XP Windows

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Free Microsoft Software

Blake Handler, in his The Road to Know Where blog, maintains a list of free Microsoft software for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Office 2003, and Office 2007. Lots of good stuff available from Microsoft.

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Free Security Tools

Back in April, posted an article entitled 103 Free Security Tools. As noted the list is missing Cygwin. I noticed RootkitRevealer, my favorite Rootkit detection utility is missing.

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My research that lead me to the lastLogonTimestamp attribute also lead me to and the OldCmp utility. There are a number of potentially useful utilities but I’ve just used OldCmp ( Using the utility I found a number of

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Free Office 2007 Software and Tools from Microsoft

Blake Handler again come through with links to a wealth of tools. This time for Office 2007. A lot of this information will be helpful for our training staff when we get around to rolling out Office 2007. Of particular

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Security Features vs. Convenience

I ran across a blog post by Jim Allchin on some of the design tradeoffs and issues Microsoft went through in developing Windows Vista regarding UAC. The post also offers good, better, and best strategies for configuring UAC in corporate

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The Cheapskate’s Infosecurity Toolbox

The December issue of CSO was comprised of lists, lists and more lists for security professionals. One of the lists was The Cheapskate’s Infosecurity Toolbox. Included in the list were: BartPE: Preinstalled Environment Snort: Open Source Intrusion Detection System VMWare

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Script to Set KillBit on Arbitrary ActiveX Controls

Jesper Johansson created a script to solve the problem of setting the killbits on a large number of systems. The script that can be used either on the command line, as a startup script, or be called from an Enterprise

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Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft

Jesper Johansson bloged today about a list of free Microsoft software compiled by Blake Handler. The list can be found at!70F64BC910C9F7F3!1231.entry?_c=BlogPart.

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