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What To Ask Candidates In Job Interviews (Without Being Insulting And Wasting Your Time)

Excellent discourse on what type of questions a manager or team lead should ask and not ask when interviewing a cnadidate. Thanks to Esther Schindler for the link.

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Best Practice: Group Policy for WSUS

Great article “Best Practice: Group Policy for WSUS” by  Alan Burchill. Also see his two part AD/Group Policy series: Best Practice: Active Directory Structure Guidelines – Part 1 Best Practice: Group Policy Design Guidelines – Part 2

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My Thoughts on IBM Connect 2013

I, like many others, had trepidations about the change of conference name from Lotusphere to IBM Connections and the implied change of focus for the conference. Our worries were unfounded. There were many technical sessions and an increase in the

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A Compilation of Links to IBM Connect 2013 Information and Resources

A Compilation of Links to IBM Connect 2013 Information and Resources This a list of links to information and resources for IBM Connect 2013. This list will be updated as new information is published. Official IBM Connect 2013 Site Andy

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Only 10% of Email Legitimate

At work we use a pair of Cisco Ironport Email Security appliances. In September, only 10% of the email message we received were legitimate. During September, we received over 3.5 million email messages and, of those, only 352 thousand, or 10%, were

Posted in CISCO, e-mail, Ironport Mobile Mobile has been officially released. It is currently available in two versions, a free Lite version and the Pro version ($19.99). An Enterprise licensing option will be available at a later date. I had the opportunity to test an early release of the

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Coping with Email Overload

Peter Bregman recently posted an excellent article “Coping with Email Overload“. I’m going to try this. Not sure what interval will work best for me; perhaps start with checking once an hour. I’ll process whatever has come in since the last check

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