Reflections on My First Lotusphere

After attending the past two Lotusphere conferences virtually, I was finally able to attend in person. This year DAI sent seven staff to Lotusphere. I registered early and booked into the Dolphin. I like to stay at conference headquarters hotel whenever possible; I’m glad I did this time. I read as much first time attendee information as I could and am glad I did – thanks Andy and Sharon! I purchased a portable charger as Andy suggested and used it ever day! I even posted a blog entry with links to Lotusphere resources, it was largely for my own reference but hope other’s found it useful. I took the time during the week before Lotusphere to plan my schedule and blogged it and, of course, added it to my Notes calendar – glad I did.

I was fortunate to make it in time to take the 2012 Newbie Tour of Lotusphere, hosted by The Turtle. This was a very valuable and informative tour. When I was making my way to breakfast, bleary eyed, Monday morning, I was glad I took the tour.

As many others have mentioned in postings, the Opening General Session was vastly improved over last year. Michael J Fox and Dr. Burns from Children’s Hospital of Boston were excellent. I made the General Session on Wednesday and Tim Berners-Lee was excellent as was Manoj Saxeona, Watson Software GM.

The majority of the sessions I attended were excellent and I only left one session early. I was bummed at missing UK Night and the Great Geek Challenge but other responsibilities prevailed; I’ll definitely make them next year.

WiFi was hit and miss; mostly miss. My iPhone battery held up well with the help of the portable charger.

I missed Seaworld due to a previously planned dinner engagement … an excellent meal at Il Mulino’s though.

I caught Mat Newman flu (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it) that knocked me out on Thursday. I did make it to “Ask the Product Managers” and “GURUpalooza”, picked up my box lunch (which turned out to be lunch and dinner along with some peanut butter crackers I brought with me), and made it through the CGS – anyone for Geoduck? Really disappointed I wasn’t able to make it to the Blogger Open.

I was really pleased to meet many of the people I only knew through Twitter, Blogs, and email.

I did make it to Kimonos a couple nights.

Last time a carry a laptop on any trip.

I’m definitely ready for Lotusphere 2013!


Steve Mullen has been involved in information technology for over 35 years. He is also actively involved in the music program (voice and English hand bells) and Vestry of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Damascus, MD.

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One comment on “Reflections on My First Lotusphere
  1. James Mangum says:

    Hello Stephen,
    Jim here. It is too bad we didn’t bump into each other at this Lotusphere. I was there only for a few days of the event. It seems to me like you had a blast and i am confident that you have absorbed all the knowledge that was given at the conferences.
    As for myself, I felt quite lost at a few talks, they were too technical for me. I bet all these conferences were kids play for you.

    Also, let me tell you that GURUpalooza sounds so much fun! I don’t know exactly what it is, but it sounds like a contest and i place all my bets on you, master!

    Can you explain a bit more on why you won’t be carrying a laptop for your next trips? I couldn’t live without my laptop while on a trip.

    Talk to you soon Steven.


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