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LogLogic Open Source Windows Log Collection Tool

Eric Fitzgerald posted information that LogLogic has made available an open-source log collection tool called Lasso for Windows logs. According to the LogLogic web site: Responding to customer feedback, LogLogic architected and implemented Project Lasso to provide centralized log management,

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Sharepoint Portal Services Auditing Tool

Eric Fitzgerald references a post by Roberto D’Angelo on a Sharepoint Portal Services auditing tool. When we fully implement Sharepoint this year this is a tool we’ll be looking at.

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IT Security Awareness Training

Andy, ITGuy recently blogged about the need for better Security Awareness Training. That’s one of my focus areas this year for my company. My first bi-month newsletter goes out this week. I’ve received approval to put on mandatory IT security

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UserAccountControl Flags

Many of the scripts I use to produce reports on active directory accounts utilize the UserAccountControl flag. Microsoft KB article 305144 documents how to use the UserAccountControl flags to manipulate user account propertiess to manipulate user account properties. You can

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My research that lead me to the lastLogonTimestamp attribute also lead me to and the OldCmp utility. There are a number of potentially useful utilities but I’ve just used OldCmp ( Using the utility I found a number of

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While doing some research on determining the last time a user logged in to a domain, I came across the lastLogonTimestamp attribute: Prior to Windows Server 2003, determining the last time a user logged on to the domain was somewhat

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Virus and Malware Reference Guide

The February 1, 2007 issue of Windows Secrets (you can subscribe here)included an article on antimalware tools by Fred Langa. The article references the Secunia web site: One of the best references I know for finding malware-removal tools is Secunia.

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