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Day Light Saving Change for 2007

The SANS Internet Storm Center has a long post on the Day Light Saving Change for 2007 (note it is Saving not Savings). This change is about 5 weeks away. Daylight Saving Time this year will start on Sunday, March

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Free Office 2007 Software and Tools from Microsoft

Blake Handler again come through with links to a wealth of tools. This time for Office 2007. A lot of this information will be helpful for our training staff when we get around to rolling out Office 2007. Of particular

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The Pragmatic CSO

Mike Rothman recently released The Pragmatic CSO: 12 Steps to Being a Security Master. I took advantage of the Mike’s offer to check out the intro and also receive tips on how to be a Better CSO for 5 days.

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Upgrading Windows XP to Vista

Blake Handler in his The Road to Know Where blog recently published a detailed guide to Upgrading to Windows Vista from Windows XP. Once you’ve determined that your computer’s hardware & software is ready for Windows Vista, perform the following

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Security Features vs. Convenience

I ran across a blog post by Jim Allchin on some of the design tradeoffs and issues Microsoft went through in developing Windows Vista regarding UAC. The post also offers good, better, and best strategies for configuring UAC in corporate

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The Cheapskate’s Infosecurity Toolbox

The December issue of CSO was comprised of lists, lists and more lists for security professionals. One of the lists was The Cheapskate’s Infosecurity Toolbox. Included in the list were: BartPE: Preinstalled Environment Snort: Open Source Intrusion Detection System VMWare

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In the same his Gearhead column in Network World where Mark Gibbs discussed the BGInfo utility in he also discussed the TCPView utility written by Mark Russinovich. TCPView is a Windows program that will show you detailed listings of all

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