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Rootkit Detection Tools

Sophos recently released, Sophos Atni-Rootkit, a free product that finds and removes any rootkit that is hidden on your computer. Be sure to grab the user manual and release notes. This got me thinking about other rootkit detection tools. The

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Security Engineering – The Book

Ross Anderson announced today that his book “Security Engineering” is available for download at no cost: I have two main reasons. First, I want to reach the widest possible audience, especially among poor students. Second, I am a pragmatic libertarian

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StaySafe.Org Safety Web Site

Blake Handler just posted information about a new safety website co-developed by Microsoft and Partners. The site StaySafe.Org contains information about Internet safety for Kids, Teens, Parents, and those 50+. A Toolbox is also provided. Blake’s posting also includes links

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Secure File Deletion

Via the SANS Information Security Reading Room RSS feed, I found a paper by John Mallery entitled “Secure File Deletion: Fact or Fiction?”. This paper provides a good introduction to the issue in Windows of deleted files hanging around as

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Testing Windows Live Writer

Microsoft recently release a beta of their Windows Live Writer, a desktop blogging tool for posting blogs on the Web. This program works with Windows Live Spaces and reportedly with  Blogger, LiveJournal, TypePad, WordPress and other. I’m using WordPress for my

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Ultimate List of Free Windows Software from Microsoft

Jesper Johansson bloged today about a list of free Microsoft software compiled by Blake Handler. The list can be found at!70F64BC910C9F7F3!1231.entry?_c=BlogPart.

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FFIEC Infosec Manual

NoticeBored posted information today about the FFIEC InfoSec Manual: Although it is evidently intended to be an exam manual or study guide, the Federal Financial Institution Examination Council’s IT Examination Handbook on Information Security could easily be mistaken as an

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