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Links for April 14, 2009

Burn ISO Images Natively in Windows 7 from Windows Vista Team Blog Geeks and IT Pros often have to burn an ISO image (.iso file) to physical media such as a CD or DVD to test out and install software.

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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 yesterday. I downloaded and installed it on my test laptop. A few quick observations: It does not correctly render our Microsoft SharePoint site correctly I’m not sure if the emulate IE7 Button does

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How Many Tabs Can You Have Open in Firefox?

Right now I have some 40 tabs open in Firefox. I wonder how many I can have open before it crashes or really slows down my system. Why do I do this? I readbrowse through a lot a blog entries

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Internet Explorer 7 Security Whitepaper and Training Video

The Microsoft Internet Explorer Weblog just posted that Markellos Diorinos’ Tech-Net presentation, Windows Internet Explorer 7 Security In-Depth is available online. Also announced was the Internet Explorer Desktop Security Guide that discusses many of the new IE7 security features along with

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Security Features vs. Convenience

I ran across a blog post by Jim Allchin on some of the design tradeoffs and issues Microsoft went through in developing Windows Vista regarding UAC. The post also offers good, better, and best strategies for configuring UAC in corporate

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Convert Firefox Favorites to IE7

From Blake @ Seems to work well. I’m using IE7 almost exclusively now so it’s nice to get all my Firefox favorites migrated.

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