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Posting to WordPress Using Word 2007

I usually use Windows Live Writer but today I used Word 2007 (WS2K7) to post my last entry and this one. It worked very well although it is easier to enter categories using Live Writer. I had a difficult time

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How Many Tabs Can You Have Open in Firefox?

Right now I have some 40 tabs open in Firefox. I wonder how many I can have open before it crashes or really slows down my system. Why do I do this? I readbrowse through a lot a blog entries

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FDCC – The Struggle to Conform

Good article in the 02-18-08 issue of Government Computer News on implementing the Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC). This all reminds of my times working on the NASA ODIN program and the standard Windows 2000/XP images my team built for

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Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys

Princeton researchers from the Princeton Center for Information Technology Policy released a paper Lest We Remember: Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys regarding cold boot attacks on encryption keys. Should we all abandon our projects to encrypt our laptops? I

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On-line Networking Basics Tutorials has a series of Networking Basics tutorials. Those published to date include: Networking Basics: Part 1 – Networking Hardware Networking Basics: Part 2 – Routers Networking Basics: Part 3 – DNS Servers Networking Basics: Part 4 – Workstations and

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Connecting a Computer to the TV for Netflix’s Watch Instantly

A few weeks ago Hacking NetFlix posted an entry asking readers how they connect their computers to the television to watch Watch Instantly movies from NetFlix. There have been numerous responses and they continue to come in. This is something

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Encryption Could Make You More Vulnerable

I read the TechWorld feed and last week I encountered an article entitled “Encryption could make you more vulnerable, warn experts”. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. However, experts from IBM Internet Security Systems, Juniper, nCipher and elsewhere said

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Microsoft Password Checker

This morning through a Security newsletter from Microsoft, I found out about a password checker they provide. The site says: Password Checker does not collect, store, or transmit information beyond the computer that you use to access Password Checker. The

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The Strike is Over so I’m Back

The Writer’s Guild strike is over so I can post again. Not really true but it sure sounds like a good excuse. It’s been a busy few months what with 2008 budgeting, keeping up with vulnerabilities, rolling out IE7, beginning

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