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Web Browser Forensics

Technorati tags: forensics, firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft, security I recently had occasion to perform some web browser forensics. It had been a while since I had done this so a review of available information and tools was necessary. Keith J.

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Internet Explorer 7 Phishing Filter Performance Update

This week the IE Blog posted an entry about an update to IE 7 to rectify a performance issue with the IE 7 Phishing filter: This update addresses an issue experienced by some users where CPU usage is high when

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Security Features vs. Convenience

I ran across a blog post by Jim Allchin on some of the design tradeoffs and issues Microsoft went through in developing Windows Vista regarding UAC. The post also offers good, better, and best strategies for configuring UAC in corporate

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Script to Set KillBit on Arbitrary ActiveX Controls

Jesper Johansson created a script to solve the problem of setting the killbits on a large number of systems. The script that can be used either on the command line, as a startup script, or be called from an Enterprise

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Convert Firefox Favorites to IE7

From Blake @ Seems to work well. I’m using IE7 almost exclusively now so it’s nice to get all my Firefox favorites migrated.

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