IBM Software I’ve Used Over the Years

Here’s a list of the IBM software I’ve supported/used over the years. I’m sure I’ve left off a few.

AIX – IBM’s proprietary UNIX OS (Advanced Interactive eXecutive)

DOS/360 (Disk Operating System/360)

OS/360 (Operating System/360 for IBM System/360)

MFT (Multiprogramming with a Fixed number of Tasks option)

MVT (Multiprogramming with a Variable number of Tasks option)

OS/VS2 (Operating System – Virtual Storage 2) for IBM System/370

MVS – Release 2-3.8 (Multiple Virtual Address Spaces)

MVS/SE – MVS System Extensions

MVS/SP – MVS/System Product, replacement for MVS/SE

MVS/XA (Multiple Virtual Systems – Extended Architecture) – MVS/SP V2

MVS/ESA (Multiple Virtual Systems – Enterprise Systems Architecture)

PC-DOS (Personal Computer Disk Operating System)

OS/2 (Operating System/2) for the IBM PS/2

VM/CMS, now z/VM (Virtual Machine/Conversational Monitor System)

Autocoder macro assemblers for various machines, with nothing in common but the name

COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language) – never programmed in it but could read it

FORTRAN (originally developed by IBM for the 704) (FORmula TRANslator) – never programmed in it but could read it

JCL batch job language for OS/360 and successors

JES2 and JES3, job entry and spooling subsystems


PL/I (Programming Language/One)

REXX scripting language (REstructured eXtended eXecutor)

IBM Administrative Terminal System (ATS) Online Text Entry, Editing, Processing, Storage and Retrieval

IBM CICS (Customer Information Control System)

IBM Lotus Notes (Lotus Development was bought by IBM in 1995)

IBM Lotus Sametime

IBM Lotus SmartSuite Office Suite

IBM Lotus Symphony Office Suite

IBM OMEGAMON (when it was a Candle product)

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (Formerly ADSM)

SPF/ISPF – System Productivity Facility/Interactive System Productivity Facility

DFSORT – Data Facility Sort

DF/EF – Data Facility/Extend Function

TCAM – Terminal Communications Access Method)

VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method)

Information System

Information Management

SMP – System Modification Program/Extended

SMP/E – System Modification Program/Extended


Steve Mullen has been involved in information technology for over 35 years. He is also actively involved in the music program (voice and English hand bells) and Vestry of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Damascus, MD.

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