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Windows Live Safety Center

Dana Epp blogged today about the Microsoft servvice Windows Live Safety Center. As Dana points out: So why is this so interesting? Well, now when your grandma calls you and tells you her computer is acting funny, you can tell

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Thanks to Dana Epp for his blog on All you ever wanted to know about Port Knocking. He links to the site Port Knocking which provides information about about firewalls and port knocking and information on how to use port

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Get a better picture of a potential job

TechRepublic offer a list of questions to ask “to determine whether you’d be happy working in a particular environment, you need as much information as possible. Asking these questions during the interview will give you some insight into whether the

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Securing your System with Snort

Matt Frye wrote a nice introductory article on SNORT in issue #13 November 2005 of Red Hat Magazine.

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Computer Security Day

Today, November 30, is Computer Security Day. Computer Security Day was started in 1988 to help raise awareness of computer related security issues. More information can be found at

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Hitting the High Notes (With a Church Choir)

I recently read Eric Sink’s Comments on Hitting the High Notes, concerning an essay published by Joel Spolskyan entitled Hitting the High Notes. Eric expanded on Joel’s metaphor of vocalists to explain something about software developers. Eric paraphrased Joel’s article:

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Cleaning Your Blogroll

Scoble wrote recently that he is back reading feeds and was cleaning his blogroll; actually completed the cleanup. I only have about 75 feeds, grown from a dozen or less when I started a few months ago, and that’s a

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