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Links for November 12, 2008

MS08-068 and SMBRelay – Christopher Budd provides background on this update and why it took some seven years to release the security update. Couple good references from the latest MPUG mailing: MS Project, Early and Often and 10 Signs You

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Links for October 27, 2008

Windows Syslog Agents Plus Splunk Richard Bejtlich (TaoSecurity) has been mulling strategies for putting Windows Event Logs into Splunk. From SecuiTeam: Microsoft Windows RPC Vulnerability MS08-067 (CVE-2008-4250) FAQ From Microsoft Security Vulnerability Research & Defense: Most common questions that we’ve

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Top 11 Reasons to Look at, Collect, and Preserve Your Logs

Anton Chuvakin has followed up his Top 11 Reasons to Collect and Preserve Computer Logs with the Top 11 Reasons to Look at Your Logs.

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Windows Logging Tools

Back in July Anton Chuvakin posted a List of Utilized Windows Logging Tools which contains a link to a list of Windows logging tools on the Security Catalyst Community Forums. OSSEC was mentioned; one I haven’t yet looked into.

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Domain User Logon and Logoff Events

I had the need a few weeks ago to determine the logon and logoff times of users of our system. Fortunately we have the Windows server event logs captured. They are sent to a syslog server using NTsyslog and we created a basic

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The May 25th issue of Network Computing was dedicated largely to log management including a “Real-World” Labs review of eight SIM products.

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SANS Log Management Summit

Richard Bejtlich (TaoSecurity) wrote an excellent and extensive overview of the recent SANS Log Management Summit 2006. He mentions that Chris Brenton and Mike Poor unveiled the SANS Top 5 Essential Log Reports. I had not know about this report

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