What To Ask Candidates In Job Interviews (Without Being Insulting And Wasting Your Time)

Excellent discourse on what type of questions a manager or team lead should ask and not ask when interviewing a cnadidate. Thanks to Esther Schindler for the link.

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Best Practice: Group Policy for WSUS

Great article “Best Practice: Group Policy for WSUS” by  Alan Burchill. Also see his two part AD/Group Policy series:

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My Thoughts on IBM Connect 2013

I, like many others, had trepidations about the change of conference name from Lotusphere to IBM Connections and the implied change of focus for the conference. Our worries were unfounded. There were many technical sessions and an increase in the number of XPages sessions.

For me the conference started before I left MCO as I got my Mat Newman hug at the Meirs Shuttle stop. It was really great to meet the many people I only knew from social media and many that I met last year at my first in person Lotusphere. There were many others I wanted to meet but unfortunately our paths never crossed.

IBM Connect 2013 signaled the end of a number of Lotusphere traditions/long time attendees:

1 – The last This Week in Lotus was recorded before a live audience and I was fortunate to be part of that audience. Many thanks to Stuart McIntire and Darren Duke. TWiL will be missed.


2 – Ed Brill announced that he is changing roles within IBM next month and moving to IBM Enterprise Mobile. You will be missed Ed. Many thanks for all you did for the IBM Lotus community.

3 – This was likely the last Lotusphere/IBM Connect conference for Tom Duff. We’ll miss you Tom.

I attended every session I had scheduled and they were all good to excellent. Only once did I leave a session to go to an alternate and that was due to a poorly entitled session (ID310 – Bringing IBM Connections and Microsoft SharePoint to Typical Business Users). The speaker, who I knew, saw me and came over to chat. It then became clear that this was not a session for me. As it turned out, this session was NOT about Connections.

Some of our team from DAI had a good time a Splitsville. Dinner, drinks, and bowling courtesy of CDW.

Oh, and it was neat seeing my name on a presentation slide:

Many thanks to everyone who made this conference the success it was!

What others had to say about IBM Connect 2013:

Thank you to the people who made IBM Connect 2013 a hit

The Events of This Week

A Week in Florida. I Have an Idea

My IBM Connect 2013 Highlights


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A Compilation of Links to IBM Connect 2013 Information and Resources

A Compilation of Links to IBM Connect 2013 Information and Resources

This a list of links to information and resources for IBM Connect 2013. This list will be updated as new information is published.

Official IBM Connect 2013 Site

Andy Donaldson’s Guide “Andy’s Guide to Whatever We’re Calling It”

The Great Geek Challenge

Farewell Blogger Open… Thanks for the Memories – alas, 2012 was the last one. May be replaced by bowling at Downtown Disney.

Planning for #IBMConnect – Maps, Apps & Hotel Points

Mat Newman’s totally unofficial, totally unsupported IBM Connect 2013 session database

Book your Mears shuttle before travelling to Connect, else arrange shared cab.

Soccer Saturday

IBM Connect 2013 on Vivastream

IdoCheckin is here for Lotusphere and IBM Connect 2013

Chris Miller Pro Tip: iPad tip for being productive at IBM Connect and Lotusphere 2013

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Only 10% of Email Legitimate

At work we use a pair of Cisco Ironport Email Security appliances. In September, only 10% of the email message we received were legitimate. During September, we received over 3.5 million email messages and, of those, only 352 thousand, or 10%, were delivered to staff mail boxes. The rest were spam or contained malicious content and were blocked.

We sent over 194 thousand email messages during the month.

I can’t imagine how we would cope without a spam filter.

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Harmon.ie Mobile

Harmon.ie Mobile has been officially released. It is currently available in two versions, a free Lite version and the Pro version ($19.99). An Enterprise licensing option will be available at a later date. I had the opportunity to test an early release of the Pro version back in January of this year and was favorably impressed. This link – http://harmon.ie/Products/Mobile – provides a comparison of the versions and links to  additional information. A TechCruch article can be found here – http://techcrunch.com/2012/05/07/another-move-to-make-the-ipad-enterprise-friendly-harmon-ie-offers-mobile-sharepoint-collaboration/. Two independent reviews can be found here – http://www.21apps.com/social-business/harmon-ie-mobile-beta-review/ and here – http://chrisjhowell.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/harmon-ie-for-ipad-review/.

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Coping with Email Overload

Peter Bregman recently posted an excellent article “Coping with Email Overload“. I’m going to try this. Not sure what interval will work best for me; perhaps start with checking once an hour. I’ll process whatever has come in since the last check and then get out. If an email will require a long, detailed response, perhaps I’ll draft the response outside of the mail platform (IBM Lotus Notes in my case). I know that I’ll sometimes have to reference saved emails during the off period. I’ll have to be strong and just go in and the get out. 

A lot stuff I save in email folders should be in a file share or SharePoint. Collaboration anyone? That’s just another workflow/work process change I need to make.

I know it will be hard to resist the temptation to constantly check email during off hours on my iDevices. Lord, give me strength! 

Oh yes, be sure to turn off email alerts in your mail client and SmartPhone.

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