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How to find free Kindle books

Nice resource from CNET on finding free and not-free Kindle books. Other sources: (Science fiction) (Books in French) (annual fee) fee) Advertisements

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Google DNS and/or OpenDNS

The recent Comcast Internet service interruption due to Domain Name Server (DNS) issues has prompted me to look into using a 3rd party DNS service from Google DNS and/or OpenDNS. I may use my ISP, Google, and OpenDNS so that

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iPhone and iPad Getting Started

Information from our friends at TiPb for those with a new iPhone or iPad. · iPhone, iPad glossary · iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad starters guide · So you just got a new iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad? · iPhone,

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iPhone and iPad How To

Our friends at TiPb have been publishing a series of How To postings for the iPhone and iPad. Here are some of them: How to share a video to YouTube [Beginner] How to make a FaceTime video call How to

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Incident Response Fundamentals

Over the past few months Securosis published series of posts on Incident Response. Here’s a list of posts: Introduction Data Collection/Monitoring Infrastructure Incident Command Principles Roles and Organizational Structure Response Infrastructure and Preparatory Steps Before the Attack Trigger, Escalate, and

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