My Links to Lotusphere Resources

A compilation of links to Lotusphere information and resources

Official Lotusphere Page

Lotusphere 12 Guide – Sharon “social shazza” Bellamy

Social Shazza’s Lotusphere for Newbies

Andy Donaldson’s Guide to Lotusphere 12

The Turtle (Scott Wenzel) explains how you can do LS on about $5 a day (ish)

The plain simple guide to conferences – Ulrich Krause

The Lotusphere Podcast – brought to you by Stuart McIntyre and an army of minions

Lotusphere 2012 Social Aggregator

Genii Software’s 12th Annual Lotusphere Agenda Database for PDA Synching and Session Planning

Lotusphere sessions on your iPhone, iPad and Blackberry

Lotusphere 2012 Sessions as a PDF

The Lotusphere Blog

Lotusphere Sessions

2012 Blogger Open at Lotusphere

Lotusphere on

Lotusphere Social Media Aggregator

The Blogger Open

The Great Geek Challenge

The Lotusphere Blog

UK Night

Mitch “Curious Mitch” Cohen

Luis Benitez – Socialize Me

Chris Miller – IdoNotes (and Sleep)Getting social at Lotusphere 2012 with IdoCheckin, Flickr, Twitter and more

Lotusphere Community on Greenhouse

Lotusphere Book Signings Cheat Sheet

Getting The Most From Lotusphere

IdoCheckIn site updated for Lotusphere 2012

Mitch Cohen – People to Thank at Lotusphere

IBM Connect and Lotusphere Livestream schedule

An Introductory Guide To Lotusphere For The New Attendee

Essential Geek Travel Gadgets

Lotusphere Sessions On Your Calendar

Lotusphere lingo: ‘Talk the talk’


Steve Mullen has been involved in information technology for over 35 years. He is also actively involved in the music program (voice and English hand bells) and Vestry of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Damascus, MD.

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  1. Steve Mullen says:

    Added Mitch “Curious Mitch” Cohen, Luis Benitez – Socialize Me, and Chris Miller – IdoNotes (and Sleep) – Getting social at Lotusphere 2012 with IdoCheckin, Flickr, Twitter and more

  2. Steve Mullen says:

    Added Lotusphere Community on Greenhouse

  3. Steve Mullen says:

    Added Lotusphere Book Signings Cheat Sheet

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