SharePoint Links – Week of April 20, 2009

3 Minute Screencast: Create a Master Calendar in SharePoint from End User SharePoint

Here’s a quick, 2 minute screencast to show the structure and functionality of the Master Calendar solution. If you like what you see, there’s a live online workshop next Friday, May 1st. Read the details and join us.

A Hidden Gem – the Preview Pane View in SharePoint from End User SharePoint by Woody Windischman

SharePoint offers a lot of different ways to look at the information in your sites. One of the most interesting is the Preview Pane view. Although it doesn’t show up as a web part on its own, you can use it in almost any list or library simply by modifying the view settings. I hope this article has encouraged you to explore this, as well as some of the other view formats available to you!

10 Minute Screencast: Create a tabbed, layered interface – no code required from End User SharePoint by EndUserSharePoint

A couple weeks ago, I found an intriguing article by Baris Wanschers on how to create tabbed windows in SharePoint with jQuery. Peter Allen from Bits of SharePoint started playing around and created some really nice documentation, using the solution to document itself.

Use case: Automated knowledge base in SharePoint from End User SharePoint by Tony Frankola

The real problem here is email as communication channel. Email is a great tool, easy to use and everything. But the problem is that knowledge from each conversation is lost in a personal inbox. If the receiver does not forward the email to other team members he will be the only one able to solve the problem. This is where SharePoint kicks-in; in this article I am going to describe a simple procedure to automate the knowledge capture with SharePoint (WSS included).

SharePoint Governance Resources from Michael Gannotti

Adding a New User or Group to an Existing SharePoint Site from SharePoint Blank by John Anderson

As well, having not performed this particular task in a "real world" (i.e., outside of training) scenario, I knew that doing so would also serve as a refresher course for me.

The Mystery of the Default Display Style in a SharePoint Picture Library (Part 1 of 2) & from The Mystery of the Default Display Style in a SharePoint Picture Library (Part 2 of 2) from SharePoint Blank by John Anderson

Project Server and SharePoint Server – Better Together or Apart? from SharePoint Joel’s SharePoint Land: Posts by Joel Oleson

In the last month I’ve had a few design sessions and conversations where more than just WSS and SharePoint Server are involved in the deployment.  In one customer it was wild… MS CRM, Performance Point, and Project Server plus the normal MOSS stack.  They were going to do it all in one farm with a bunch of app servers and even add a SQL Reporting server and SQL Analysis server.  It gave me a headache looking at their diagram


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