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Roku flips switch, enables Amazon on Demand from Paul’s SuperSite blog

I love the little Roku Netflix box, which apparently needs to be called by its rightful name, the Roku Digital Video Player, because it does Amazon on Demand now as well…

Windows 7

I think I can address the Windows 7 ‘minor or major’ update question now from Paul’s SuperSite blog – “Windows 7 is a major release of Windows…”

Beta to RC Changes – Turning Windows Features On or Off from Engineering Windows 7

The theme of “choice and control” has been applied in many aspects of how we have designed Windows 7. We’ve certainly received lots of positive feedback about the theme and about the choices we’ve made in the design, and we’ve also received a few suggestions for how we might continue to implement this theme in the future. We’ve received feedback for features that should be even more customizable (such as Explorer or the logon screen) or features that should be added to Windows (such as a PDF format reader, security tools, or disk utilities). And we’ve received feedback that some users might prefer to run Windows without certain features. This post is about a point of choice and control in the Windows 7 control panel called “Windows Features” which is where you can choose to turn various features of Windows on or off. This continues our discussion of changes we have made based on feedback from the Beta as we progress to the Release Candidate. This post is by Jack Mayo who is the group program manager for our Documents and Printing team and also worked on Internet Explorer 8. –Steven

Windows 7 Feature Focus: BitLocker To Go from Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows RSS – Microsoft extends its full-drive encryption functionality to removable storage…

Windows 7 Screencast – BitLocker To Go from TechNet Edge

Lets face it, we all make mistakes.  Fortunately there’s a new Windows 7 feature that might just save your bacon if you misplace a USB drive with sensitive information on it.  You’ve probably heard about BitLocker.  It’s the drive encryption technology that’s been around now for a little while.  With Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, we took another step and now allow you to encrypt more than just the operating system drive.  BitLocker To Go is an easy to use encryption technology that will allow you to encrypt the contents of a USB stick or drive and prevent prying eyes from looking at your data.  Considering the number of recent horror stories about all sorts of sensitive data getting into the wrong hands, this feature is long overdue.

Windows 7 Screencast – Resource Monitor (resmon) from TechNet Edge

The new Resource Monitor in Windows 7 adds a lot of capabilities to the tool you see in the Reliability and Performance Monitor of Windows Vista.  I really like those new views and displays so I thought it would be good to bring it to your attention.

Internet Explorer 8 is removable in new interim Windows 7 build from Paul’s SuperSite blog – It looks like Microsoft is taking steps to ensure it can comply with EU regulators just in case…

Three Windows 7 features I haven’t a clue about; One: Windows Vault from Paul’s SuperSite blog

Rafael Rivera and I have had some back and forths recently about curious new features in Windows 7.

Migrating from Windows XP to Windows 7 Beta with Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010 Beta from TechNet Edge

There’s been a lot of press about how there isn’t a an upgrade path from Windows XP to Windows 7.  In this video, Jeremy walked me through using the latest beta of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, specifically the User State Migration Tool, to transfer the user settings and files from a Windows XP installation to a new install of Windows 7 on the same PC.

Microsoft Releases Two New Windows 7 Guides for IT Professionals from The Road to Know Where

Microsoft has released two new Windows 7 Guides for IT Professionals (thanks breiff)

Behind the Scenes of Windows 7 Enterprise from The Windows Blog by Gavriella Schuster

There’s been a lot of talk in the community about what Windows 7 offers consumers. Today, I’d like to highlight the enterprise value of the product and how it reflects what customers and partners told us enterprises need most.

With Windows Vista, we learned a lot about how involved our customers and partners like to be in the development of an OS – in a nutshell, early and often. With Windows 7, we changed the way we developed the Windows OS in order to be more responsive to that feedback. As such, early on we identified three main principles to our new process…


Microsoft Strategic Update from Paul Thurrott’s SuperSite for Windows RSS – Microsoft provides guidance for its seven core businesses in 2009, including Windows, Office, …


Dynamic Remote Registry Auditing – Now you see it, now you don’t! from Tenable Network Security by Ron Gula

Recently, Tenable’s Research group added the ability for Nessus credentialed scans to automatically start and stop the Windows Remote Registry service. This blog entry discusses the technical and political ramifications of this new feature.

Live Writer

Microsoft’s Codeplex Releases "Windows Live Writer Backup" from The Road to Know Where

WLWBackup is a backup utility for Windows Live Writer; including blog settings, posts and plugins. (Recommended: MSDN)


Fun With Announcements – Part 4 from End User SharePoint by Laura Rogers

Here is how to display a “More” link on your announcements web part, so that users will have an obvious link to click on, to read more of each announcement

Fun With Announcements – Part 1 from End User SharePoint by Laura Rogers

Here’s how to create a publish date for each of your announcements, where the announcement will automatically be “published” when the date arrives

Fun With Announcements – Part 2 from End User SharePoint by Laura Rogers

Here’s how to use a single announcements list, categorize the announcements by department, and allow alerts to be created per category. This list can also be set up to display only the announcements of the logged in user’s specific department. In MOSS Enterprise, set up the announcements web part to display only those of the logged in user’s specific department:

Fun With Announcements – Part 3 from End User SharePoint by Laura Rogers

In this example, make a modified version of the announcements web part, that doesn’t display the “Created By” field.


Steve Mullen has been involved in information technology for over 35 years. He is also actively involved in the music program (voice and English hand bells) and Vestry of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Damascus, MD.

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