Links for January 28, 2009

We’re snowed/iced in here in the Baltimore – Washington,DC area today. Thank goodness for telecommuting!

Winter Storm Radar


Customizing a SharePoint Library (Part 6): Views from SharePoint Blank

We’ve reached the end of what has turned into quite the epic-length look into the customization options associated with SharePoint libraries.  As I’ve been cautioning throughout this series, though I’m looking specifically at a Picture Library, pretty much everything applies to document libraries as well, and I’ll let know whenever this is not the case.  For this special double-sized final installment, we’re going to take a look at the customization options available for Views…

Visio diagram and site template from Office Online workflow videos from Microsoft SharePoint Designer Team Blog – Awhile back Stephen Howard recorded a series of workflow videos that were posted on Office Online: Watch this: Design a document review workflow solution. He is now providing both the Visio diagram shown in the videos and the solution itself.

Download the new, improved, superdouper Quote of the Day Web Part – from End User SharePoint

Windows 7

Showcasing Windows 7 Platform with Applets from Engineering Windows 7

Nipping silliness in the bud: Windows 7 SKUs and pricing from Paul’s SuperSite blog

Long story short, you can’t expect outsiders like Tom’s Hardware to understand or communicate what Microsoft is doing with the Windows 7 SKUs. Microsoft has yet to reveal what they’re doing SKU-wise. When they do, I’ll be all over it, obviously. They haven’t done so yet, and build 7025 certainly offers nothing along those lines.

And since we are dealing with pure fantasy here, I’ll throw my two cents out: I believe that there should only be three Windows 7 SKUs: Home, Professional, and Ultimate. That’s it. Not two Home versions. No Enterprise. No Starter. Just the three.

Live Writer

Heavy bug found in the Windows Live Writer from Live Writer Blog – there is the possibility that the XML files that store a list of the tags can get corrupted and the Windows Live Writer isn’t starting anymore. Joe Cheng form the developer team of the Windows Live Writer published a workaround if this problem is showing up.

Tenable Network Security

"Winning at the Compliance Game" Webinar from Tenable Network Security

Tenable CTO Ron Gula, will discuss the latest trends in compliance standards, strategies for a positive audit experience and how this process can lower your organization’s operational costs and maximize availability.

Auditing Infected Systems for Viruses and Trojans with Nessus from Tenable Network Security


Electronic Document Retention: What You Should Know from CIO Today

What should the policy say? First, the policy should set forth business-wide guidelines for creating, storing, using, retaining and purging documents created by company employees. Second, the policy should identify the specific devices on which business documents are to be created, what documents are to be created, how they are to be stored and moved amongst various devices and eventual disposition of the documents. Finally, the policy should provide rules for retaining documents and action to be taken after specific events.

House rejects DTV delay, February switchover date remains from CNet


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