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Catching up on a few weeks of blog postings…

From PM HutMicrosoft Project – A Glossary of Useful Terminology

Microsoft Project – A Glossary of Useful Terminology By John Caulfield The purpose of this article is to go through the main components and terms used in Microsoft Project and make them easier to understand. Project planners speak in a short hand that often excludes even computer literate individuals…

From Brian Smith’s Project Support WebLog:

From Christophe Fiessinger’s Blog:

From Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Content Publishing News:

From Microsoft Office Project 2007:

From PMConnection

Top 5 of 2008 – The top 5 most visited items from each category within the PMConnection Research Center for 2008. If you missed any of their previous newsletters, this is a great way to catch up!!

The full list of Project Server / EPM developer-related WebCasts and Videos from Project Programmability

From Productivity content for Project 2007

  • Goal: Control project risks – After a risk event occurs, you may need to respond to the risk in order to control the impact it may have on the project. Use this goal, part of the Project Map, to learn how Project 2007 can help you respond to risks.

  • Demo: Add, hide, and show columns in Project – Suppose you need to share your project plan, but there’s a column of information you don’t want to share with all your stakeholders. You don’t want to delete the information, either. It’s easy to hide information in Project 2007 and then bring it back again later. This demo walks you through the process.

  • Use the Project Guide to start a new project – The Project Guide provides easy-to-follow instructions to help you set up a new project. This tool is especially useful for new project managers or people who are still coming up-to-speed with Project 2007.


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