How Many Tabs Can You Have Open in Firefox?

Right now I have some 40 tabs open in Firefox. I wonder how many I can have open before it crashes or really slows down my system.

Why do I do this? I readbrowse through a lot a blog entries in any given day using Google Reader and when I see a blog post I wish to read further I open it and it opens in a tab. If it’s something I want to read in detail and follow-up on or blog about I leave the tab open. I could “star” these items but I often forget to check my stared item; having then in tabs is a better reminder. Finding time to follow-up on these is difficult which is the primary reason I have so many tabs open. I just have to remember that if I open an instance of Firefox to shut it down before closing my main browser instance or I’ll lose all those open tabs. I also use Internet Explorer 7 for our corporate sites, include a SharePoint site. Right now I have 12 tabs open in IE7. IE7 has started crashing when I close it but the tabs persist (as long as I remember to check the box to open these tabs next time I start IE7 – I wish I could set that as the default!).


Steve Mullen has been involved in information technology for over 35 years. He is also actively involved in the music program (voice and English hand bells) and Vestry of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Damascus, MD.

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28 comments on “How Many Tabs Can You Have Open in Firefox?
  1. em says:

    pretty sure i’ve had at least 50 tabs in ff1.5, ff2, and opera9. page size might matter, too.
    old machine, 512 ram. haven’t used ie7 enough to have tried many tabs. might have had 50 tabs in maxthon1.x.

  2. Bloodaxe says:

    I’ve regularly opened more than 100 tabs in FF2, and have certainly been as high as 140.

    There’s a site where one clicks a button to vote agreement for people’s comments. I normally open those clicks in new tabs because voting reloads the page and is slow, which is a nuisance if I want to agree with a lot of people.

    Nothing has crashed, however I normally try to close the additional tabs before the number reaches 30 or 40 (if I am paying attention), simply because once I have too many open they take forever for FF to shut them down all at once (and I’m not about to start shutting them down one by one).

  3. bob says:

    right now i have 632 tabs open… going for 1000….

  4. jimmy says:

    I got to 1470, firefox just stopped afterwards.

    But that wasnt the fun part. I closed it down through task manager, and when i restarted firefox, i pressed ‘restore previous session’ ^^

  5. MadTurki says:

    We had a little competition on another forum (,3399.0.html)

    Most opened up without a crash was 2417 😛

  6. sher says:

    ok i have opened 3000 tabs in one time in firefox

  7. John says:

    I am just about to open 2000 tabs simultaneously…
    Combo Snap links with long pages of links and you can easily reach 2000+ links in one go.

  8. Michael says:

    I think those of you that say you have opened more than say 200 are talking bullsh*t….to open 3000 would take you the better part of 3 days none stop opening, that is asuming you are actually opening a web page and not just a blank tab..

  9. Jon says:

    I regularly open many, many tabs and i couldn’t live without the session manager add-on for firefox as i never have enough time to look at all the tabs in one session and want to resume it next time.

  10. Herman says:

    I also made a test! Atm I have just over 1000 tabs open, but firefox is not like a frozen Rock.
    Funny thing is, IE was also open, but when I tried to open a 2nd tab it crashed!
    hahah, it sucks…

    I must say, I also have open: IE, FileZill, Radmin viewer, Notepad, Gimp2, Outlook, Photoshop and using it, Excel.

    Check here!

  11. Herman says:

    it started again with all the tabs open 1146!

  12. joemama says:

    I just opened a billion tabs

  13. David says:

    Im running 172 tabs with now problem right now

  14. jiyara shah says:

    hi guys!
    I am so tired now !! hufff huff
    i am replying to you in my 1000000000000th 1 trillionth tab…….man i’ve got the fastest computer in the world..My RAM is 1000 trillion GB working at 1 billion Ghz FSB. I have intel’s multi-trillion core processor working at higher speed than the RAM i have..and the Hard disk is 1billion^trillion terabytes.

    Can u believe it ? this is the guiness world record

  15. Misha says:

    i was able to open 3000 up tab in my firefox.

  16. Cj says:

    I have over 1000 on a fast computer. going to see how many i can get. hopefully about 5000

  17. arman says:

    its me!
    I’m reading this page at my 8874th opened tab. just became a question! How Many!

    so tired… Hibernating system for tomorrow!
    wish me luck! Going to hit 100,000.

  18. S.D. says:

    I constantly have 50+ tabs open when normally browsing and it annoys me that I cannot find a good reason to close any of them 😦

    This only started happening to me recently.

  19. rrs says:

    nice blog… i like firefox…

  20. Waterfox, the 64bit Firefox. I’m currently at.. (996).

  21. THE AMISH BOY says:

    I just pondered the question and binged(for the bing rewards) and I got this, guess everyone wonders about how far they can go. lol Gl Guys


  22. XS says:

    I got here by google. Its a very old post but replying anyways, FF 32 bit on win 7 64 bit without any memory tweaks to firefox, leaving it at default. Fine with 2500+ tabs but crashes after 2800+ tabs. Sceen :

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