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GYM – Disruption

I know were not supposed to blog about Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft, aka GYM but… I just finished an article in today’s Washington Post “Outlook” section about Google. It was an interesting article but somewhat shallow … the author praises

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Unemployment Insurance Benefits

I filed for unemployment benefits a few weeks ago; I never thought I’d be doing that! The process to file was relatively straightforward using the State of Maryland DLLR (Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation) web site. A couple days

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Security Clearance Required

Many if the IT Management, Senior IT Engineering and Security Management/Engineering jobs advertised in the Baltimore/Washington area require top secret with “full life-style polygraph? clearances. It’s a real catch-22: one needs the clearance to get the job and to get

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Looking for a Job

I never thought finding another job would be this difficult. When I was told of my layoff I was also told that my resume would be circulated throughout the company by HR. I got two calls as a result of

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After nearly 40 years working in the IT industry I find myself without a job; my job at Lockheed Martin was recently eliminated. I was managing the infrastructure that supports the Lockheed Martin NASA ODIN contracts. Reductions in staff and

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Steve Mullen’s First Blog Post

This is my first blog. Actually that’s not quite true but I’ll elaborate on that later. My reasons for starting this blog are many but the primary one’s are: 1) to get a better understanding of this technology, and 2)

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